Our prices are based on these packages. Custom packages can be designed to fit individual needs.
Cleaning and polishing products meet requirements of Boeing &
McDonnell Douglas

Monthly Programs
Whether your looking for one wipe down per month or want a complete detail after every flight,Streamline is
here for your needs.

Complete Interior Detail  *Individual services
Clean windows, shampoo carpets, wipe down tables and woodwork with protectant, condition leather
seats, vacuum seat tracks, cross seat belts, clean drawers, clean cockpit (upon request) and wipe down

Aluminum Polish / Brightwork  *A Streamline Detailing Signature Service
A labor intensive procedure to bring back a bright mirror finish with removal of water spots, pits, haze, and
light blemishes.  All aluminum is taped off to protect surrounding paint.

  • Leading Edges
  • Engine Inlets
  • Tail Brightwork (horizontal and vertical)
  • Windshield / Cabin Window Frames

Dry wash                                                                                                                    
Cover all pilot static ports. Debug entire plane, clean windows inside and out, degrease landing gear,
complete exterior of the plane will be applied by electric buffer and taken off by hand to enhance the final
products shine, vacuum, cross seat belts.

Trip Ready                                                                                                                         
Exterior - debug leading edges, nose, heat rings, clean all windows, remove any oil or exhaust from engine
cowls, remove oil streaking, degrease rims and tires. Also vacuum and cross seat belts.

Hand Waxing
Streamline will apply Flyers speed-wax to the exterior of your plane by hand it will also be removed by hand.
The wax used for this process is also a great UV protective which means it will protect your paint for years.

Wet wash                                                                                                                            
Cover all pilot static ports. Soak and scrub entire exterior, Clean landing gear with degreaser, clean
NO PRESSURE WASHING. Our cleaning solutions will not harm or damage any paint.

Clean gear wells                                                                                                             
Soak in degreaser, rinse, remove remaining grease by hand.

Refurbish De-Ice Boots
Using the Spit Shine De-Ice Boot System our technicians will restore  your boots to like new appearance.
Spit Shine will not fly off boots or put black streaks on top of the wings like silicone products do.

Paint Refurbish and Brightwork corrosion protection
Streamline Detailing provides a service that no other detailing service can compare to. With the use of
GRANITIZE and XZILON Molecular Adhesion, your aircraft paint and aluminum is completely protected from
any element the earth's harsh environment can throw at it. For more information on this please contact
Aaron Burkhart at

Leather Cleaning and Refurbishment
Everyday use is hard on your interior. Weather you just need a light cleaning or all the way to a full leather
refurbishment, Streamline can get the job done. With Perrone Aerospace products the smallest ink stains,
flaking and cracking to total leather repair, Let our technicians do the job and show you the interior you
dream of. For more information on this please contact Aaron Burkhart at
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Specific packages and programs to fit the individual customers needs for a seamless business solution.
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